The Customer

From its headquarters in the midst of an unspoiled environment in Henau, in eastern Switzerland, Cleanfix develops and produces cleaning machines for professional use.
Thanks to its focus on providing the very best Swiss quality in cleaning solutions, and their enhanced customer service and advice, Cleanfix has been able to expand its position in the market and is now excellently positioned worldwide with its subsidiaries and agencies. Their customer intimacy and their constant pursue of quality has enabled them to deliver constant innovations to the market, where their machines keep buildings spotless in over 85 countries so far.

The Cleanfix RA660 Navi is a comprehensive, industry 4.0 enabled cleaning solution for the industrial sector. Thanks to state-of-the-art sensors and advanced indoor navigation algorithms, the RA660 Navi can navigate its way safely and autonomously.  The cleaning-technology has been used successfully in industry for years.  Due to the clever design, the RA660 Navi is applicable in various environments!

The Challenge

In order to further enhance the connectivity of the remote devices, enabling a remote monitoring of the internal functions and remote assistance. A new development project was established to develop an application-specific to develop a monitoring system to give the customer and its end users a quick feedback on the cleaning status of the RA660 Navi.

The RA660 Navi uses generic navigation solution ANT navigation technology developed by BlueBotics. ANT is  used in many different applications ranging from automation and logistics, hospitals, etc. to, indeed, even professional cleaning. Due to the variety of applications it covers, dedicated training is necessary for proper software usage.

Due to the distributed nature of the system, where robots are located all around the globe, the variability of the robots environment and local IT architectures had to be overcome. During the development project, the final user ease of use and their specific requirements were kept in mind, driving most of the UI and data formatting choices, export options etc. For example the collected data should be exportable in a well-known format such as Excel for further processing by the facility management staff.

In particular, one of the challenges of this project was to guarantee the reliable and secure transport of monitoring data from the robot to the cloud given the environmental variability.

The Solution

The solution consists of a VPN enabled robot, securely connected to a scalable cloud infrastructure allowing it to to send its data encrypted to the customer cloud platform. A cloud-based application processes the data from the robot, stores historical values and serves it to a smartphone app. Furthermore, an API allows to download a data summary for quality assurance.

Transport Encryption

Technical gear enables the RA660 Navi robot to transmit its data securely thanks to a secured VPN connection to tunnel the traffic to the cloud. The VPN endpoint in the cloud terminates the secured connection and forwards the data to the web app within a secured environment.


The Web API decodes the data stream from the robot to JSON format and stores it in a high available database. To authenticate each robot individual access, tokens are used. Cleaning errors reported by a robot will instantly be sent to the smartphone app via push notification to guarantee prompt reaction at the end users.

Smartphone App

The smartphone app uses a platform independent development framework making it available to the Android and iOS ecosystems. The end user needs to authenticate against a cloud-based authentication system to get access to the Web API. The App provides a list of all cleaning missions. By clicking on a mission, detailed information about the cleaning job is shown. The cleaning mission is visualized and shown as a map. New robots can be easily added via the App.

Data Export API

The developed Web App exports the summary of all cleaning missions in an Excel file and allows further processing by the facility management staff.