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SWARM is a Fleet Operation Software for Robot Manufacturers

The cloud-based platform connects robots, monitors them, generates daily reports and allows you more insight into your product.

What We Offer

The logo of Early Connects emphasizes the connection between different programs and things (IoT).

Centralized Fleet Operation Software



  • Monitor the state of your fleet


  • Power search and filter for fast navigation


  • Get information on the operation of your fleet
Early Insights Logo that shows a data chart, hinting at the visualization of data and what the early service does.

Optimized Efficiency




  • Online mission reports


  • Multi-tenancy role-based access


  • Utilization of robot fleet monitoring
The new logo of early control is based on a computer chip that enables control through processing.

Deep product insight




  • Centralized and visualized data collection


  • Dashboard for better overview

SWARM Features

Robot Overview

See a list of every robot connected to your cloud-based platform.

Roboter Arm in Hexagon, was die Roboter Übersicht für SWARM repräsentiert
Clipboard in Hexagon, welches die Missions Übersicht in SWARM, der cloud-basierten Roboter Operations Software, repräsentiert.

Mission Overview

Look into the details of every single mission a specific robot has done.


Have more insight into the performance of your product.

Graph in Hexagon, welches das Dashboard in SWARM, einer cloud-basierten Roboter Operation Software, repräsentiert.
Schlüssel in Hexagon, das die Zugriffskontrolle für SWARM repräsentiert.

Multi-Tenancy and Access Control

Manage access through assigning different roles to your dealers and customers

Software Configuration

Customize your software through dynamic and expandable base data configuration

Einstellungen in Hexagon, welches die Software Konfiguration für SWARM repräsentiert

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