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eSI Mobile App

Our Partner – The Basler Versicherung AG


Baloise stands for security, simplicity, and partnership. Close cooperation with their business partners and customers is a priority for them. Conclusively, their services are as customer-friendly as possible through innovative products and packages. This applies to claims reporting as well:



To carry out a smooth claim handling process, the claims investigators used to take pictures of the damage, the required information, and data separately and then put them together at the workplace before sending it on to the insured. The work processes were sequential and took a lot of time and patience; the need for an electronic alternative that combines all processes in a simple and uniform way seemed to grow more and more. 

Marcel Thomann, Head of Property Claims Inspectors

The eSi-Mobile app has made the everyday life of our claims investigators much easier and also more convenient.


 From the order to solution


In dialogue with Basler Insurance Ltd., we developed the idea of a tool in the project year 2020 that would simplify the work of claims investigators and at the same time standardize and digitalize many steps of the claim handling process.


More and more, the vision took on the form of an app with which one can carry out many work processes electronically through different features. Through the various possibilities of the app as a solution, it was possible to consider the demands of insured persons who also benefit from the “eSi-Mobile App” as well.

The ”eSi-Mobile App” has the following application options, among others:

      • Claims investigators can document damage with photos
      • The insured persons receive the electronic damage report as a PDF file during or immediately after the visit.
      • Craftspeople can be informed and summoned directly via the app.

Markus MetzProduct Owner eSi-Mobile App und Senior Agile Coach

This way, we were able to obtain immediate feedback and incorporate it into the eSi-Mobile App.




Our electronic claims investigator has been in use since the end of 2020 and is being iteratively further developed. It has already achieved successes such as 3rd place in the Swiss Insurance Innovation Award and a nomination on the shortlist of the Best Of Swiss Apps Awards 2020.


The app gave Baloise Insurance Ltd. media attention and enabled them to establish themselves as an innovative and digital insurance company. Work processes that were complicated and time-consuming were simplified and standardized. This not only increased the efficiency of the claims investigators – and thus their work enjoyment – but also had a positive effect on the insured persons.


The Earlybyte x Basler Insurance Ltd. success story is not over yet. On the contrary, it has just begun! In 2021 – and beyond – we will continue to work on another project with them. Therefore, we are excited to see what the future with Basler Insurance will bring.

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