Customer Success Story

RA660 Navi XL

Our Partner – The Cleanfix Reinigungssysteme AG


Cleanfix develops cleaning machines that are used all over the world. “Swiss Made Quality” is their slogan, guaranteeing their customers innovative and efficient cleaning. For some years now, they have therefore not only been offering manually operated machines but also robots.


To live up to its pioneering role, Cleanfix has thus been trying for several years to adapt its cleaning robots to the latest state-of-the-art. The goal is autonomy – in other words, self-sufficiency – and together with Earlybyte this goal should be tackled. 

From the order to the solution


As a first step, the customers’ needs were compared and analyzed with the potential possibilities of the robots in various meetings. This quickly led to the idea of an independently functioning cleaning robot that can be controlled with the help of a cloud network and simultaneously creates reports of the cleanings.

For such an IoT solution, Earlybyte has built a processor including a touchscreen into the RA660 Navi XL and connected it via cloud to an app. This enables wireless and automated process control via a tablet whereby some customized functions could be integrated:

        • An autonomous cleaning process including battery charging and water filling without human intervention.
        • Automatic generation of a detailed report of the cleaned areas, a mission map, and other key figures after each cleaning mission.
        • Over-the-air software update at the touch of a button.
        • Intuitive operation from a distance.
        • Built-in sensor checks for reliable operation and increased safety.

Conclusively, the RA660 Navi XL completes a cleaning job without any assistance, recharges itself, and at the same time also remembers when it needs to refill water – which it also does independently. If a problem arises, the detailed reports allow the problem to be solved quickly and easily.


The new IoT solution supports reliable, fast, and direct customer service and thus confirms Cleanfix in its pioneering role: without human intervention, larger areas can be cleaned 24/7, and problems can be efficiently analyzed and remedied remotely. For their customers, this means a shorter downtime in the event of a problem and eventually a higher operational readiness of their cleaning robots.

But that’s not all: In 2021 – and beyond – Earlybyte is also working with Cleanfix to expand and optimize the IoT solutions. Thus, not only the robot will be kept up to date through a cooperation, but also the tablet app. Furthermore, Earlybyte enables Cleanfix to further expand their offering as well as to more specifically adapt their products to customer needs.

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