Simplicity through Conjunctions

Early Connect connects, literally. The service simplifies work processes by building a bridge between several applications and/or systems. In doing so, Connect promises a sustainable, uncomplicated software link that enables synchronization between two programs and generates an increase in efficiency.

In a Nutshell

Early Connect offers the following services to businesses:

      • Conjunction of several applications and/or programs
      • Exploiting the potential of data
      • Sustainable software and product development

This results in an added value that should not be underestimated:

      • Time savings through automation of error-prone work processes
      • Error-free working copy
      • Increased motivation of workers
      • Promotion of collaboration

What is Early Connect?

Often a company works with several programs and applications, and data has to be transferred from one to the other manually. Such work processes cost a lot of time and lead to inaccuracies and errors.

The Early Connect service therefore offers solutions that are individually tailored to the customers; time-intensive work steps can thus be automated in an uncomplicated manner which prevents errors and saves time and energy.


Vision and objectives

Early Connect pursues two goals: Sustainable software and product development as well as the generation of added value for companies and workers. Connect sees a future in sustainable software: several applications are combined and interconnected so that all the data required is available in a uniform and clear manner.



The connections and conjunctions mean a potential added value for companies, as workers no longer have to adjust manually – such as entering the same data in several programs. Not only can error-prone work steps be avoided, Connect also generates time savings through working copies.

In many cases, such reductions have a positive effect on workers as they are relieved of routine work and can focus on processes that increase quality and/or efficiency.

As a side effect, the morale is also boosted as tedious and usually underwhelming processes are automated. This creates room for variety in working life and makes companies more attractive for employees.


early Connect realised for Baloise: the eSi-Mobile App

Early Connect developed the “eSi-Mobile App” for the private customer insurer, which is used to directly record any claims reports. Among other things, Connect was responsible for creating links between the existing claims system, craftsmen and customers.