Simplicity through Overview

Overview instead of data chaos – Early Insights analyses data and makes it visible through its own programs and reports adapted to customer requirements. Through specific condensation, processing, and visualization, Insights can be used easily and in a variety of ways, to specifically optimize or develop products, for instance.

In a Nutshell

Early Insights offers the following services to companies:

      • Data processing and visualization programs
      • Clear presentation of data
      • Tool for the evaluation and analysis of data

This results in additional value that should not be underestimated:


      • Time saving due to the reduction of manual evaluation of collected data
      • Automatic visualization
      • Deeper insight into company structures and work processes
      • An advantage over the competition that should not be underestimated

What is Early Insights?

It has never been easier to collect data for various purposes. However, complex, inaccurate, or manually managed programs make it difficult to evaluate the information collected; the potential of data analysis is far from being exhausted.

Insights develops individual solutions for clients that not only automate data processing but also visualize the results, to prevent data chaos and miscalculations. This should save time and simplify an analysis through clear presentations.

Vision and objectives

Early Insights assumes that products, processes, and systems can be optimized if one collects enough data for analysis and knows how to present it clearly.

The aim of the service is to help their customers in their optimization processes by developing a suitable tool for analyzing the data. A tedious compilation is thus reduced to a minimum and an overview is generated at the same time with the help of various features.



The program tailored to individual wishes allows valuable working time to be invested more efficiently; instead of laboriously collecting and visualizing data – which can also be prone to errors – the time saved is used for actual and more precise analysis. Eventually, an increase in the quality of the precise analysis has a positive effect on the development.

Insights not only offers a faster and simpler solution for data analysis but, in addition, is able to provide more precise images of the evaluation. This guarantees an even deeper insight into product development and individual work processes. This way, Early Insights can give its own customers an advantage over the competition and contribute to the optimization of the company’s general performance.


Early Insights realised at Cleanfix: the RA660 Navi XL

Cleanfix’s new cleaning robot can not only be controlled via tablet, but thanks to Early Insights it also delivers a large amount of data, which is processed and finally displayed clearly. This enables Cleanfix to solve problems quickly and efficiently and to further optimise their product.

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