early Services – diverse simplicity

Diverse Simplicity – the slogan describes best what Early Services offers above all: Simplicity on different levels.

The four groups of services – Early Connect, Early Transform, Early Control, and Early Insights – make people’s lives easier through technological innovation and promotes the productivity of businesses in a variety of ways. Be it through a process unification, increased efficiency or optimization, of hardware and software, Earlybyte connects, transforms, controls, and looks into.

Early Connect connects, literally: The service simplifies work processes by building a bridge between several applications and/or systems. In doing so, Connect promises a sustainable, uncomplicated software link that enables synchronization between two programs and generates an increase in efficiency.

From manual or semi-manual to uniformly digital: Early Transforms guarantees a modern working style by digitizing and simplifying machines, robots, and error-prone routine work. Time-consuming work processes are eradicated by consolidating software, allowing workers to use their time for quality-enhancing tasks; Transform promises efficient simplicity through the possibilities of digitalization.

Control through autonomy – Early Control automates interfaces from hardware to software and enables autonomous machines and robots that function without human intervention. Steps that were previously performed by workers can thus be forwarded to the connected device by a simple command via an app, saving time and resources that might be used elsewhere.

Overview instead of data chaos – Early Insights analyses data and makes it visible through its own programs and reports adapted to customer requirements. Through specific condensation, processing, and visualization, Insights can be used easily and in a variety of ways to specifically optimize or develop products, for instance.

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