Simplicity through digitalization

From manual or semi-manual to uniformly digital – Early Transforms guarantees a modern working style by digitizing and simplifying machines, robots, and error-prone routine work. Time-consuming work processes are eradicated by consolidating software, allowing workers to use their time for quality-enhancing tasks; Transform promises efficient simplicity through the possibilities of digitalization.

In a Nutshell

Early Transform offers the following services to companies:

      • Individual solutions in the form of applications or programs
      • Digitalization and automation of work processes
      • Exploitation of data potential
      • Sustainable software and product development

This results in an added value that should not be underestimated:


      • Time savings through automation of error-prone work steps
      • An advantage over the competition that should not be underestimated
      • Increased motivation of workers
      • Promotion of cooperation

What is Early Transform?

Digitalization offers a wide range of possibilities through new technologies that optimize and improve the workflow and reduce errors.

Therefore, the Early Transform service develops individual solutions adapted to the customer’s wishes, which are implemented, for example, in the form of an app or newly developed software. As a result, our customers can use saved time by their employees for important, quality-enhancing processes.

Vision and Objectives

Transform has set itself the task of digitizing and automating work processes. It aims to generate added value for the customer by reducing the error-proneness of such a process to a minimum.

In the focus of the service stands the vision of uniform digital processes; workers should no longer carry out their work processes manually but be supported in their activities by new technologies.



The digitalization and automation of various processes generate considerable added value for companies:

On the one hand, they set themselves apart from their competitors as the solutions are tailored to their own wishes and needs.

On the other hand, an increase in efficiency is generated on the part of the employees who ultimately use this solution; error-prone – and usually also tedious – tasks are avoided. In the end, this saves time and resources which can be used in other areas instead.

As a side effect, Transform’s solutions also have a positive impact on the morale of employees: They are less confronted with routine work processes and instead use their know-how for quality-enhancing tasks.


Early Transform realised at Baloise: the eSi-Mobile App

The “eSi-Mobile App” was developed for the private customer insurer, via which claims reports are recorded directly by telephone. With the help of early Transform, several features were integrated that completely digitalise the manual work processes of claims inspectors. In the event of a claim, they no longer have to reach for pen and paper on site, but can take care of everything via the app.

Early Transform realised at Cleanfix: the RA660 Navi XL

Cleanfix’s new cleaning robot can do many things without human intervention, thanks to Early Transform. Thanks to IoT (Internet of Things) technology, the manual operation of the cleaning machine is digitalised; the robot can be easily controlled from a tablet and otherwise cleans the specified surfaces independently.

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