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True to our motto, we develop software solutions with the aim of simplifying work processes and increasing productivity.

Our four services create multiple opportunities to achieve this goal, be it through transformed workflows, deeper insights into product performance or time savings.

Whether web-, mobile-, or IoT technology, we help you and your company to turn your vision into reality.

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The Services we Offer

The logo of Early Connects emphasizes the connection between different programs and things (IoT).

Early Connect

Connect Your Applications, Connect Your Data

The new logo of early control is based on a computer chip that enables control through processing.

Early Control

Simplify the Control of Your Things

The Early Transform logo represents the data exchange between systems

Early Transform

Digitize Your Manual Workflows

Early Insights Logo that shows a data chart, hinting at the visualization of data and what the early service does.

Early Spotlight

Highlight What’s Important

Connect Your Applications, Connect Your Data

We connect your applications so you don’t have to enter the same information multiple times in different places. This integration simplifies your work processes, increases your efficiency, and keeps your data up to date at all times.

  • Speed up Data-Driven Decisions:
    By connecting different applications, you always have access to all the information you need to make important decisions.

  • Reduce Inconsistencies:
    Automated data alignment reduces multiple information entries and minimizes the risk of inconsistencies.

  • Save Time:
    Reduce the potential for process errors and give your employees more time for strategically essential tasks that improve the quality of your product or service.

Simplify the Control of Your Things

We maximize the potential of your devices, machines, and vehicles. Using IoT technology, you can control them directly from your applications and gain new possibilities by analyzing their operating data.

  • Improve the Efficiency and Operation of Your Hardware
    Ensure optimal device functionality and minimize downtime with remote monitoring for predictive maintenance.

  • Improve Customer Experience:
    With clearly arranged information and intuitive operation, you always know what’s going on and create a compelling customer experience.

  • Collect Important Data Faster and Easier:
    Have direct access to all the data you need to make informed decisions

Digitize Your Manual Workflows

We focus on the reasonable digitalization of your company so that you can gain a competitive advantage. Free yourself from time-consuming and error-prone routine work and generate more time for your core tasks.

  • Increase the Consistency in Processes:
    Ensure a high level of quality through automated and standardized processes.

  • Increase the Importance of Your Employees’ Work:
    Digitize your daily business, create more time for important work steps, and thus increase your employees’ motivation.

  • Increase Scalability:
    Strengthen your position as a sustainable and secure employer by increasing your competitiveness through purposeful digitalization..

Highlight What’s Important

We develop applications that visualize, summarise, and filter your collected data in one place. With our solutions, you can improve your product or service in a data-driven way, thus ensuring an even better customer experience.

  • Visualize and Identify Patterns, Trends, and Anomalies:
    Make the most of your data with specific visualizations and summaries.

  • Make Informed Decisions
    Capture key insights faster with visualizations tailored to your needs.

  • Profit from your data:
    Better understand your customers’ needs, increase profits, and optimize the customer experience.

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